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Modern Bedroom Furniture

Plushpod has you covered when it comes to modern bedroom furniture. Our bedroom sets and collections are sure to satisfy your taste for contemporary bedroom design.
Mater Display Boxes Black -
Mater Imago Mirror Object -
Imago Leather Hooks Set -
Toios Coat Hanger -
Fatboy Lamzac -
Fatboy Pfffh Seating -
Fatboy Avenue Seating Cube -
Crown Jewelry Holder -
Walnut St Armoire -
$4, 295.00
Flower Inlay Long Dresser -
$4, 995.00
Blue Tray Sale -
Repose Jewelry Box Sale -
Potten Medium -
Olga mirror -
$1, 328.00
Helena Book Shelf -
Call for price
Cocoon Terra Steel Fireplace -
$3, 200.00
Cocoon Terra Black Fireplace -
$2, 400.00
Cocoon Vellum Steel Fireplace -
$3, 450.00
Cocoon Vellum Black Fireplace -
$2, 450.00
Cocoon Aeris Steel Fireplace -
$3, 500.00
Cocoon Aeris Black Fireplace -
$2, 500.00
Flow Tray -
transglass Jug -
Wallflower Decor -
Ringling Jewelry Holder -
Spindra Photo Box -
Call for price
Spindle Storage Box -
Fish Pod -
Call for price
Repose Storage Box -
Until Dawn Curtain -
Call for price
Flip Hook -
Overlap Tray -

Creating a modern bedroom should be a fun and rewarding experience. We make updating your modern bedroom furniture and décor easy and affordable by offering a unique selection of designer furniture and accessories.

Our LAX collection offers a low profile, simple design that will transform your bedroom into a modern resting space. The LAX bed is a platform bed with a wall mounting headboard and offers aluminum sliding doors for storage and crafted from walnut to provide a sleek, modern design.

Keep your children’s room contemporary and functional with the Eiffel Book Case, a design that comes in a variety of colors that is a storage unit for books or toys and a display unit for pictures and stuffed animals.

Cabinets, nightstands, armoires and lamps are only a few of the design ideas that Plushpod can offer for your modern bedroom. Browse our selection online at and enjoy free shipping on many items. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood, come by our modern furniture showroom in Los Angeles.