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Modern Bedroom Sets

Browse through our selection of contemporary bedroom furniture and modern bedroom sets that are sure to add a unique, custom feel to your bedroom environment.

Apex Bed -
Call for price
Coleman Dresser -
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Dandelion Graphic Nightstand -
$1, 595.00
Elison Dresser -
Call for price
Float Bed King -
$1, 304.00
Float Low Night Stand -
High Truss Bed -
Call for price
LAX LB Dresser -
$1, 964.00
LAX nightstand -
Lights Out Night Stand -
One Night Stand -
PCH Canopy Bed -
$4, 400.00
PCH Dresser -
$2, 700.00
PCH Headboard Bed -
$3, 300.00
PCH High Night Table -
$1, 160.00
PCH Low Night Table -
Snappy Dresser -
Call for price
Trees Graphic Nightstand -
$1, 595.00
Lido Armoire -
Call for price
Mod Wood Stripe Dresser -
$3, 950.00
Racetrack Bed -
$1, 940.00
Flo Bedroom Set -
$2, 640.00
Mod Flower Inlay Cabinet -
Call for price
LAX Platform Bed -
$1, 180.00
LAX Platform Storage Bed -
$1, 890.00
Hummingbird Dresser -
$4, 395.00
Cork Mosaic Sideboard Forest -
$3, 895.00
Plushpod Bed -
$2, 650.00

When walking into your bedroom you should feel a sense of calmness and tranquility. Contemporary bedroom furniture can bring out true character in an empty space and make it a place to lay your head in peace.

A modern bedroom set provides a plethora of options for creating a bedroom design with unique characteristics. Furnish the kids bedroom with designer trundle beds that will make sleepovers comfortable and convenient or add a trundle bed to your contemporary studio apartment for a space saving solution when guests visit. We carry an amazing variety of modern bedroom furniture that will create an inviting yet contemporary atmosphere for all to enjoy such as designer room dividers, armoires, side tables and even mirrors.

Come by our Los Angeles showroom or visit us online at and spend some quality thought and time investing in your contemporary bedroom furniture or modern bedroom set as it is an investment in comfort that you will appreciate for years to come.