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Article dated Sept. 6, 2007
Color is your friend.  It is integral to any setting as an accent or an entire theme.  Don’t be afraid to use vivid or primary colors too as they can really bring an interior to life!  A lot of people tend to stay neutral as it is safe and familiar which is fine to a degree, but an accent pillow or candle, vase, plate, etc. will really add a personal touch.  And I do mean personal – let go with your favorite colors that bring you joy and warmth - a cool blue, vibrant orange, deep red.  Imagine being on the “Dating Game” and your mate is asked what your favorite color is. As long as they pay attention - there you go.  Use that color or any other that peaks your interest.  This is one of the best ways to personalize your space and make it your comfort zone.

Go ahead and use color amply and spread it around because it is actually good for you! There is a whole science behind this called chromatherapy or color therapy which has been found to ease depression.  Now we are not encouraging use of color as a medical prescription but it does add merit to the idea of colors being relaxing, fun, and enjoying.  Color therapy is frequently used as a spa treatment with the idea that different colored lights emulate energy sources of the body or chakras creating a positive psychological effect.  People may not have knowledge of the Indian chakras, but they do know what makes them relax and feel good.

Go ahead and surround yourself with colors that calm, soothe, and bring joy.  If you see any children’s play area it if full of bold colors and it is not for them to learn colors - it is to make them happy and they love it!  Plushpod has first hand knowledge of this because our showroom is full of color and kids love to come in and play – which makes all parents nervous! Being adults now, we can create refined interiors with clever contrasts and accents of color and still get the same joy.

Article date Nov. 1, 2007
How to own your space!
Whether it’s an entire home, an apartment or an office, the space around you should reflect who you are and what you enjoy. You may think only interior designers can make a space something unique and interesting but it’s easier than you think. You simply have to train your eye. Make mental notes of pictures in magazines, friend’s homes or even homes you see on TV. Remember what it is you liked about those areas and incorporate it into your own space.

You may not realize it but you probably have already begun to make your space your own! What do you enjoy doing?  If you have a beautiful view that you enjoy looking at, your sitting area should surround that window.  If you like cuddling in front of the fireplace or watching TV, your sofa and chairs should have those items as your focal point.

You also need to keep in mind what the space is used for and who is using it. When arranging a room, they try to space plan around movement, comfort, traffic flow and safety.  For instance, if you have a family with children, you do not want sharp wood corners and glass tables, nor do you want your home to resemble a museum.  Instead, you should opt for round tables, cushioned edges in fabrics and finishes that can withstand crayon and cookies!

For small spaces like apartments and lofts, furniture on castors can be a great idea as it allows for multiple placements of pieces in different areas. Unique bookcases can be used to separate areas in small spaces as well as for storage or decorative display of books, vases and picture frames.  It is important to make use of each and every space in small areas so you enjoy being there and do not feel cramped.

The art of intelligently placing furniture has been practiced for centuries. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui brings the arrangement of furniture and space in harmony with the environment.  For your home office, keep in mind the images that make you feel successful and creative and be sure to surround yourself with those items that reflect those images.

No matter who you are or where you live, it is easy to make your space your own!