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Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly
Plushpod is proud to present these products by designers who take special care of the environment in manufacturing, materials, and all processes.   Recyling, low carbon footprint, energy efficient... these products are clean and green.  We know they will be a welcome addition to your design style, as well as a good choice for our environment. 
Fu Desk
Global Warming Rug
Grassy Shelving
Hive Bench
Hive Side Table
Homeboy Tote Bags
Hummingbird Dresser
i-Bar LED Desk Lamp
i-Tower LED Floor Lamp
IceLight LED Desk Lamp
Jump Table
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Keetsa Cloud
Keetsa Latex Pillow
Keetsa Pillow Plus 11"
Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic
Keetsa Tea Leaf Dream
Keetsa Tea Leaf Supreme
Lancaster Credenza
Lidded Carafe Green
Lights Out Night Stand
Loop Coffee Table
Mod Coffee Table
Mod Lodge Sideboard
Mod Wood Stripe Dresser
Moire Coffee Table
Nebula Coffee Table
Nebula Console Table
Night Light Table
Noggin Desk
One Night Stand
Oops Crib
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Outdoor Cube
Pac Side Table
Park It Bench
Park It Stool
PCH Buffet
PCH Canopy Bed
PCH Dining Table SET
PCH Dresser
PCH Entertainment Shelf
PCH Headboard Bed