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Here is a complete collection of Eero Aarnio modern designs. All items are imported from Finland.  There is a brief biograhy of Eero Aarnio below.  Click on the product links for more information and viewing these modern classics!
Ball Chair -
$8, 800.00
Bubble Chair -
$5, 600.00
Copacabana Table -
$2, 900.00
Focus 2 Chair -
Formula Chair -
$4, 900.00
Mushroom Stool -
$1, 400.00
Parabel Dining Table -
$6, 800.00
Parabel Side Table -
$3, 800.00
Pastil Chair -
$2, 850.00
Pony Kid Seat -
$4, 200.00
Screw Table -
$4, 200.00
Tomato Chair -
$4, 900.00
Adelta is the German manufacturer of most of the designs of Eero Aarnio.  Here is a brief biograhy of him:

The Finnish designer Eero Aarnio was born in 1932, studied from 1954 to 1957 at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki.  In 1962, he started with his own office as an interior and industrial designer.  Engaged in new ideas of furniture, Aarnio designed the Ball Chair in 1963 and literally shook up the design world.  He was the top pioneer of 60's modern furniture and highlighted it with the Ball chair and the hanging Bubble chair.  The Ball chair, which used fiberglass material, and the shape were complete novelties for that time.  The resistent and well workable fiberglass enabled Aarnio to design ergonomic forms without restrictions. With the Pastil Chair (American Industrial Design-Award 1968), Tomato Chair, and hanging Bubble Chair, Eero Aarnio earned greater international reputation.  Eero Aarnio was - and still is - one of the pioneers in using plastic and fiberglass in industrial design and continues to push the boundaries of furniture design. 

To find out more about Eero Arnio click on various product pages above.