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Please view sub categories for specific modern lighting like modern chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, and fixtures.
Alo Table Lamp -
Arc Floor Lamp -
Bigoli Floor Lamp -
Bigoli Pendant -
Bulbs Ceiling Lamp -
chaos.mgx Lamp -
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Cubo Lamp -
dform Pendant lamps -
dform Small Pendant -
Dform Veneer Chandeliers -
dform Wall Lamps -
Equo LED Desk Lamp -
Fatboy Transloetje Lamp -
Flame.mgx Pendant Lamp -
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Icarus Pendant Light -
Lily.mgx Lamp -
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Mater Lathe Lamp -
Mater Lathe Lamp Grey Oak -
Meteor Shower Ceiling Lamp -
Metropolis.mgx Lamp -
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Minima Base -
MnM Table Lamp -
Onus Table Lamp -
Opulence Ceiling Lamp -
Ratio.mgx Lamp -
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Salon L Table Lamp -
Sero Table Lamp -
Silva Table Lamp -
Soft Floorlamp -
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Soft Pendant 2 -
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Soft Table Lamp 1 -
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Torus.mgx Lamp -
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Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp -
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Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp -
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1 is the place for modern and contemporary lighting.  Here you will find a wide selection of modern lighting, contemporary light fixtures, modern floor lamps, and modern table lamps. is also the home of the world famous Droog Design 85 lamps modern chandeliers.

We showcase specifically modern and vibrant light fixtures of a special magnificence.  Some are mood lighting and just trully unique modern lighting.  Some modern and contemporary lighting items are European but they are fine for use in the United States.

These special modern lighting units are a tell-tale sign of our dedication to the best in good modern design.   Specifically the modern lamps and modern chandeliers on these pages are of special interest.