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Modern Living Room Furniture

Liven up your home with modern living room furniture from Plushpod. Our contemporary pieces help make your living room a place of refuge.

Cocoon Aeris Steel Fireplace -
$3, 500.00
Cocoon Vellum Steel Fireplace -
$3, 450.00
Cocoon Terra Steel Fireplace -
$3, 200.00
Cocoon Aeris Black Fireplace -
$2, 500.00
Cocoon Vellum Black Fireplace -
$2, 450.00
Cocoon Terra Black Fireplace -
$2, 400.00
Olga mirror -
$1, 328.00
Mater Trumpet Coat Stand -
Floppy coffee table -
Helena Book Shelf -
Call for price
Bench Box birch -
Hidden.mgx Vase -
Call for price
Carbon Chair -
Chimo Fireplace Tool Set -
Bebop Fireplace Screen -
Fatboy Pfffh Seating -
Camino Cruz Coat Rack -
tytree -
Call for price
Tube Vases -
Magino Stool -
Fatboy Avenue Seating Cube -
Mater Box Shelves Natural -
Mater Display Boxes Black -
Fatboy Original -
Overlap Tray -
Until Dawn Curtain -
Call for price
Josh Urso Fabric Vases -
Decade Vase -
Mag Rack -
Madra firewood holder -
Vido Umbrella Stand -
Flow Tray -
Handled Tray -
Seamo magazine rack -
Josh Urso Fabric Bowls -
Mirror Boxes -
Nero Candle Holder -

Create a completely original, modern living room with the Sofa One. This amazing fabric sofa comes in a wide variety of colors and transforms from a sofa to a lounger in seconds! A convenient storage place mounted in the base of the sofa is a modern way to keep all of your magazines and games organized and out of sight.

If space is an issue then the Wonder Wall Shelf and Cabinet is for you. This wall mounted unit can be customized to fit your space and offers storage, shelving and will serve as a modern TV stand for the flat screen. A multi-purpose piece for any type of apartment or home.

Our amazing variety of sofas, tables, lamps and accessories will turn your home living room into a wonderful place where your family or guests can relax in style. Check us out in Los Angeles at our contemporary furniture showroom or online at