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Modern Lounge Chairs

Search Plushpod's selection of the finest in modern chairs and lounge chairs. Our chair selection offers unique, funky designs that will transform your living space or office while giving you the comfort you desire.
Ace Chair
$1, 150.00
Arrow Lounge Chair
$1, 545.00
Babette Chair
$1, 250.00
Ball Chair
$8, 800.00
Bubble Chair
$5, 600.00
Carbon Chair
Carl beige lounge chair
$1, 480.00
Carl leather lounge chair
$1, 680.00
Carl leather lounge chair
$1, 890.00
Charmaine Bench
$4, 860.00
Coquille Chair
$1, 119.00
Darla Armchair
Divide Armchair & Ottoman
$2, 325.00
Eva lounge chair & ottoman
$1, 184.00
EVO Armchair & Ottoman
Evo is made by a Los Angeles local designer who does high-end quality work.
$2, 500.00
Fatboy Original
Formula Chair
$4, 900.00
Frank Chair
$1, 330.00
FX10 Lounge Chair
$6, 580.00
Go Chair
$1, 350.00
goren chair
$1, 149.00
Lauren Armchair
limn chair
limn chair
limn chair
ludo lounge chair & ottoman
$1, 365.00
ludo lounge chair & ottoman
$1, 365.00
ludo lounge chair & ottoman
$1, 365.00
Luma Club Chair
$3, 499.00
MB Collection

Plushpod’s modern lounge chairs are of various shapes, designs, materials and styles. The beauty of the modern chair is that you know you are purchasing an original piece of functional art work that will brighten up any room in your contemporary home and provide a topic of conversation by any guest. Wood, metal, fabric or leather, we have a contemporary lounge chair to suit your needs. is currently carrying the famous Eero Aarnio's hanging bubble chair and ball chair. Cultural icons in the designer furniture industry, these chairs have been featured on countless TV shows and movies and are the epitome of style for any modern home. But these are only a few of Plushpod’s uniquely styled furniture featured here. Experience all that the modern furniture world has to offer.