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Love Letter Lights
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Price: $450.00



Designer: Stephanie Forsythe & Todd MacAllen
The love letter light is simply beautiful. The concept of using electroluminescent film to write messages which glows in the dark will capture your heart and imagination.  This is not just a light, it is also an amazing art piece.

Love letter is a lighting sculpture which emit soft ambient lighting through the use of an electroluminescent film suspended within a translucent envelope.  Using a dry erase marker a message can be written directly on the film, which will then glow like candlelight as the surrounding light darkens.  If desired, a thin object such as a leaf can be inserted into the envelope to create a different effect. The position of the light source, the suspended electroluminescent film, can be adjusted to create a greater or lesser bow in the support wire.

The base of the light sculpture is made of a white marble cylinder that is an actual core from the making of the marble base of the Arco lamp, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962. 

Love letter lights employ a bi-directional electroluminescent film as their light source. The power source to the film is low voltage (DC 12v) allowing to display the inner workings of the power inverter as a mini city scape, rather than hiding this part away in a black box.

The model for North America comes with the standard 120v power adaptor.  The model for other regions comes with a power adaptor than accepts 100-240v (50-60HZ).  A plug shape adapter may be required in some cases.

bi-directional electroluminescent film, white marble base

White marble core base

White marble base - 26" tall

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