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MASH Studios

The L.A.,California based MASH Studios work hard at designing modern classic furniture that will last the test of time while ensuring a high quality and sustainable product. Per their quote, "We believe good design is the natural outcome of a healthy collaborative process, and that simple details and perfect proportion communicate clarity, intent and harmony."  The output of MASH studios design dedication is the LAX and PCH collections shown below.  Also read more about MASH studios below:
PCH Canopy Bed -
$4, 400.00
PCH Headboard Bed -
$3, 300.00
PCH Buffet -
$3, 240.00
PCH Dresser -
$2, 700.00
PCH Entertainment Shelf -
$2, 200.00
LAX Bookshelf -
$1, 980.00
LAX LB Dresser -
$1, 964.00
LAX Platform Storage Bed -
$1, 890.00
PCH Dining Table SET -
$1, 700.00
LAX Platform twin storage bed -
$1, 400.00
LAX Edge Dining Table SET -
$1, 250.00
LAX Platform Bed -
$1, 180.00
LAX Low Entertainment Shelf -
$1, 160.00
PCH High Night Table -
$1, 160.00
LAX Entertainment Shelf -
PCH Long Bench -
LAX 2x5 Bookcase -
LAX Edge Square Table -
Milking Table 36 -
LAX Storage Bench -
LAX 4x2 Bookcase -
LAX 3X Shelf with Base -
PCH Low Night Table -
LAX Wall Mounted Desk -
PCH Small Bench -
Milking Table 24 -
LAX Bench -
LAX Barstool -
LAX nightstand -
LAX Milking Bar Stool -
LAX Bar Stool -
LAX Milking Counter Stool -
LAX Floating Shelf -
LAX Milking Stool -
LAX Stool -
Mash Studios is an explorer of form and materials seeking new models of design, testing the staying power of their concepts and the durability of their products. They believe that perfect proportions are calming, details require no adornment, and design should appear effortless.

When MASHstudios launched in 2002 founder Bernard Brucha set out to design and produce sustainable, evolved environments that improve the quality of the workday for people who spend the majority of their week in an office.  They do many commercial architectural and interior design projects for high-profile companies and well as manufacturer their signature lines of the LAX series and PCH modern furniture series.  The LAXseries was designed to be a modern classic, one that would outlive trendy aesthetics or cheap construction.  the LAXseries uses superior craftsmanship, the highest of quality materials, and clean simple lines to ensure longevity and sustainability.  The materials that go into every LAXseries piece are meticulously selected for their quality and positive environmental impact. Each piece of furniture is made of solid English Walnut, free of formaldehyde glue and other toxins. By using an engineered wood, the LAXseries is able to maximize the yield from each tree and virtually eliminate waste. All of the pieces are sealed with a natural oil finish. Made from linseed oil, the finish is VOC-free and solvent-free. The aluminum sliding doors, an integral part of the LAXseries design, are all made of 100% recyclable, powdercoated aluminum.