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Polku Carpets
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Elina Keltto & Tuttu Sillanpää for Verso Design
The Polku carpet from Verso Design. Made with 100% felted wool and has a clean modern design that goes well with your home decoration or office interiors.

The small holes on the surface of the carpet look like little footmarks in the snow left by a rabbit or a squirrel scurrying by. The Polku carpet, which is made of 100 % felted wool, has a clean and inviting surface reminiscent of snow or soft earth. It goes well for home decoration and office interiors. The Polku carpets are treated with an environmentally friendly finishing substance. This phase makes the product dirt resistant and prevents pilling. The chemicals used in the dyeing process are all environmentally friendly.

The Polku collection produced by Verso Design consists of nine different sizes and eight colors: grey, natural white, blue, orange, plum, red, grass green and ice blue. Verso design is an exciting new company producing 100% wool felted kitchen accessories, seat cushions and notebooks. Only ecological dyes have been used for coloring the products.

Care instructions:
Regular vacuum cleaning and airing is sufficient for keeping the carpet free from dust and dirt. In the beginning it is possible that some fluff peels off the rug. This can be removed by vacuum cleaning or brushing.

Possible stains or fluid spilt on the carpet should be immediately removed by try cloth or tissue paper, before absorbed into the carpet. Thereafter the stains can be wiped off by a damp cloth (do not rub). Use water rather than stain removers. Firm dirt can be rubbed out delicately using a knife to remove most of the stain. Blot immediately with a cloth.

Use professional carpet cleaners. Professional dry cleaning or flat wash with subsequent pressing through cylinders. Only flat drying.

100% wool


Polku 1:  5 ft x 7ft 4"
Polku 2:  5ft 3" diameter
Polku 3:  6ft 6" diameter
Polku 4:  6ft 6" x 6ft 6"
Polku 5:  6ft 6" x 9ft 6"
Polku 7:  3 ft x 6ft 6"
Polku 8:  6ft 6" x 10 ft

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