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Modern Rugs

All sub-categories listed above show ALL the product specifically. Products shown on this page are just an example.
Coral Rug
Electric Rug
Sellano Rug
Antique Rug
Practik Cushions
Practik Rug
Medina Rug
Losanges Rug
Spiral Rug
Calder Rug
Luna Rug
Extended Rug
Digit Rug
Do-Lo-Rez Rug
Stone-Wool Rug
Velvet Rug
Papel Rug
Moire' Rug
Kala Rug
Global Warming Rug
Formosa Rug
Folk Rug
Cinco Rug
African House Rug
Zoom Rug
Victoria Rug
Sybilla Rug
Rangoli Rug
Partida Rug
Fit Rug
Nature Rug
Dolce Rug
Cuadros Rug
Bichos Y Flores
Bicicleta Rug
Amsterdam Rug
Aros Rugs
Aspen Rug
Boston Rug
Cuks Rugs
Dubai Rug
Flora Rug
Flying Carpet
Irregulars Rug
Izmir Rug
Juliette Rug

Shop truly vibrant and unique modern rugs, contemporary area rugs, round rugs, and runners.  We make these modern rugs readily available and please ask for samples as well.  Plushpod loves to offer the best in contemporary area rugs and vibrant modern rugs like designs from Nanimarquina a very talented group from Spain under the leadership of none other but Nani  Marquina.

Some of our favorite modern rugs are Little Field of Flowers by Torde Boontje and Cuks and Roses by Nanimarquina - also the
Izmir rug which has flowing organic detail.  These are great contemporary area rugs of high quality.  Modern rugs should compliment the room and perhaps contrast it, but always be something that ads comfort and enjoyment.

Plushpod modern rugs and contemporary area rugs are our newest specialty.   We love feedback so please let us know how you feel about our modern rugs and we will do our best to respond.