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Modern Seating

Please view sub categories above for specific seating like modern dining chairs, modern barstools, modern sofas, benches, etc. Products shown here are just an example and is not complete.
Globe Reclining Lounge Chair -
$3, 158.00
Conform Reclining Chair black -
$3, 180.00
Mater Bar Stool Black -
Outdoor Cube -
Track Bench -
$1, 870.00
Arrow Lounge Chair -
$1, 545.00
Bunny Lounge Chair -
Call for price
Chill Cubes -
LAX Barstool -
Kiss -
Ace Chair -
$1, 150.00
Ball Chair -
$8, 800.00
Barton Sectional Sofa -
$4, 490.00
Bocca Outdoor Sofa -
$1, 100.00
Bubble Chair -
$5, 600.00
Hermosa Sectional Sofa -
$3, 280.00
Larissa Sectional Sofa -
$2, 980.00
Oh Chair -
Orbit Wood Chair -
Sofa One -
$3, 800.00
Strada Dining Chair -
Venice Large Sectional -
$5, 820.00

Here we showcase modern and contemporary furniture, modern sofas, contemporary chairs, and modern barstools to name a few.  We are your ultimate source of plush contemporary sofas and funky chairs that are unique, vibrant, and awesome.  Our items flair with clever, organic, and sensual appeal like the contemporary sofas and modern barstools by Karim Rashid.

Check out our complete collection of contemporary sofas, contemporary chairs and modern barstools now by using the drop down sub categories above.  Plushpod makes contemporary furniture from around the world, easily available for you!

The vibrant hues and clever wit of our contemporary sofas and chairs will "wow" your friends and loved ones.  Make a statement or just accent your interior decorating needs.

We are your expert and ally in plush furniture so take advantage of us now!