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Bolla Shelving
$1, 424.00
LAX 2x5 Bookcase
LAX 4x2 Bookcase
Acrylic Cubes
Nest CD/DVD Shelving Unit
$1, 225.00
Perf Boxes
Bench Box
LAX Storage Bench
Brock Shelving
Grassy Shelving
$2, 995.00
LAX Bookshelf
$1, 980.00
Brock Media Multi
Brock Media Shelving
Brock Media TV
Brock Media Wall
Float Wall Shelves
Conceal Bookshelf
Grassy Bamboo Shelving
$2, 800.00
Acrylic Bookcase
$5, 590.00

Check out these unique modern shelving units and modern living room furniture.  Shop a wide array of vibrant and affordable modern living room furniture, modern shelves and contemporary storage. is proud to showcase the best in modern shelving and modern living room furniture.

Specifically of special interest is the
Hive cubesMetro cubes, and modern wall shelves which are our favorites in modern shelving.  Modern furniture which is affordable and of a vibrant design is our goal.  Modern living room furniture should be an extension of one's tastes and personality and we want to help you achieve this.

Plushpod objects are a prime sign of our own dedication to the best in modern shelving.   We love feedback so please let us know how you feel about our modern living room furniture.