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Afro Adjustable Stool
Bouchon Cork Barstool
Bouchon Counter Stool
Chill Cubes
Coral Stool
Gehry Color Cube
Gel Bar Stool
Glide Barstool
$3, 835.00
Jim Stool
LAX Bar Stool
LAX Barstool with Back
LAX Stool
Magino Stool
Mater Bar Stool Black
Mater Bar Stool Grey Oak
$1, 188.00
Mater Bar Stool Soaped Oak
$1, 188.00
Mater Low Stool Black
Mater Shell Bar Stool Black
$1, 430.00
Mater Shell Bar Stool Brown
$1, 430.00
Mushroom Stool
$1, 400.00
Nitro Barstool
Nitro Stool
Park It Stool
Pawn Stool Sale
Playa Stool
Plush Cubes
Ricami Stool
Screw Table
$4, 200.00 is the place for modern and funky  furniture. Here you will find a wide selection of modern bar stools, benches, and counter height stools.

Plushpod showcases name brand and also hand-made items made in the USA or abroad.  Some barstools items may be marked as "One Off" which means they are designer or hand-made. 

These special modern furniture pieces are a tell-tale sign of our dedication to the best in vibrant modern furniture.   Specifically the modern benches and modern barstools on these pages are of special interest.