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Bouchon Cork Barstool
Bouchon Counter Stool
Gehry Color Cube
Gel Stool
Jam-SGT Swivel stool
LAX Barstool with Back
Mater Bar Stool Black
Mater Bar Stool Grey Oak
Mater Bar Stool Soaped Oak
Mater Low Stool Black
Nitro Barstool
Omnia LED Light Stool
Omnia Light Side Table
Omnia Light Stool
Omnia Stool
Park It Stool
Pawn Stool Sale
Playa Stool
Soft Adjustable Stool
Stainless Steel Cube
Chill Cubes
Vignelli Collection
Mushroom Stool
Screw Table
Coral Stool
$940.00 is the place for modern and funky  furniture. Here you will find a wide selection of modern bar stools, benches, and counter height stools.

Plushpod showcases name brand and also hand-made items made in the USA or abroad.  Some barstools items may be marked as "One Off" which means they are designer or hand-made. 

These special modern furniture pieces are a tell-tale sign of our dedication to the best in vibrant modern furniture.   Specifically the modern benches and modern barstools on these pages are of special interest.