About Us

About Us

Plushpod is celebrating 14 years of business offering modern furniture and home decor online.   That's right,  Plushpod was one of the first to start as an online retailer. We had a couple of showrooms in the Los Angeles area and it was fun, but our best talents are focusing resources online.  We have many delighted customers singing our praises in customer satisfaction, quality modern furniture, and overall customer service.

It is a viewing delight of modern furniture and funky furniture that is fresh and vibrant.  Please give us a call at 323-951-0748


Mission Statement

"Plushpod promotes and makes readily available, to the trade and the general public, high-quality modern furniture objects & decor, from new and notable visionary contemporary furniture designers, that transcend form and function with meaning to excite and stimulate the imagination.  We painstakingly choose modern furniture objects that reflect the highest artistic value and modern design significance.  We are dedicated to our visitor's experience to be enjoyable, memorable, unique, and to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We are also dedicated to not only modern furniture and funky furniture, but the better well-being of Earth and all its inhabitants."

Thanks for visiting Plushpod!  You will see that we are a great source of plush modern furniture and unique finds.  We love items that flair with clever, organic, and sensual appeal.

Modern furniture items should be an extension of taste and personality.  These funky furniture items give your modern home decor a special vibrance and uniqueness.

Plushpod strives to offer the best in modern furniture and contemporary furniture with affordability and quality in mind.  Our superior Plush service helps too!  So when you are shopping, we are your expert and ally.  Have a Plush Day!