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Droog Design

Droog Design means "dry design" in Dutch. It was founded by Renny Ranmakers who began by setting up the Droog Design foundation with Gijs Bakker in spring of '93.  Droog Design has been distinguished by their innovative concepts like modern chandeliers. Their designs have been described in terms of "humor" and "intelligence" and it is quite evident in their modern chandeliers like the 85 Lamps modern chandelier.  Droog Design is a collaboration of many different designers around the world and one could say it is the closest thing to a design movement of late.

Droog Design argues that the mass-produced glossy perfection of new objects create a distance between the object and the people who buy them. They offer a poor physical experience. Droog Design proposes objects which allow for relationships to form and objects that play with the ideas of imperfection, reuse, interaction, tactility, craft and the lifespan of the object itself.  Droog Design products claim to offer a rich physical experience, but in the same way that Droog Design is a mentality, their products are to be consumed for their message.

The best examples of Droog Design work as far as danish modern lighting is to the left:  the milkbottle modern chandelier, the 85 Lamps modern chandelier, and the single milkbottle lamp.