Hiro-Hiko Kamiya


Designer Profile

Hiro-Hiko Kamiya

He was born on May 12th, 1967 in Yokohama, Japan. He is a Resident in France since 1987. His studies include - CESEC (certificate of higher studies) from the Ecole Camondo. Cum laude Interior architecture & environment products - 1990/1995, Ecole Camondo, Paris, France.

Some of his work includes: project head for Disneyland Paris for scenography for "Honey, I've shrunk the public" attraction. Scenography of exhibition at Mus CHRISTOFLE: design & synthesis imagery, (Les productions de la Seine agency), and Selection of "BULDANG version 2" for VIA Permanent Call award, 2002. "Puces de l'Art" an exhibition of a collection of 100 light fittings. "Marchoire de l'Odeon" salon, exhibition of accessories: "Animales" & "Mutation organique", in heat-molded & molded plastic.

His Buldang which is featured here at Plushpod.com is a marvelous work in furniture innovation and design imagination. It fits the movement of sensual and organic furniture.