Parvez Taj

Designer Profile

Parvez M. Taj

Parvez M. Taj was born in
Canada to an East Indian father and British mother. Having a childhood in Nova Scotia, he later lived in Southern Ontario for both boarding school and university.  His work with art and fashion brought him to New York City where he produced mix media art, fashion shows, and photo shoots.  Next he traveled to India for a year where he filmed a documentary for the charity group with whom he was living and working

Parvez currently lives and works in Los Angeles.  He is an artist with talent and insight creating a broad collection of original art.  In addition to his mix media on canvas, Parvez is pioneering ultra violet ink technologies as a fine art medium.

Artist Statement
“I work to create edgy, urgent, thought-provoking work -- a personal statement that acts as a narrative of my own aesthetics and points of view of the world, society, and myself.”

Plushpod admires his work for his creative use of imagery and color to make thought-provoking social statements on contemporary life.